Gwen Jenkins Memorial Scholarship

This award was established in memory of the late Mrs. Gwen Jenkins, founding President of the Congress of Black Women of Canada, London Chapter. This scholarship is awarded annually to mature students pursuing post-secondary education. One scholarship valued at $500 is available. The eligible candidate will be a Mature Female student, from the London-Middlesex area, who desires to further her education or who is already in a post-secondary institution.


2106 Gwen Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Recipient


I am honored and privileged to be the recipient of this scholarship. I chose this time to pursue furthering my education after supporting my husband through his schooling. It’s been a blessing being able to devote 17 years to my children who are now old enough to care for themselves and can appreciate my next step.

I have worked as a Developmental Service worker for 8 years. My goal is to equip myself to serve people with Developmental Disabilities better through addressing the issues of public health that affect them, by understanding the challenges for efficient delivery and effective access to medical services. I am embracing the challenge for the coming year. This scholarship is a blessing and an affirmation that I am on the right path.