Yaphet Robinson Human Equality Award

The Yaphet Robinson Human Equality Award for extra-ordinary service to our community in the furtherance of human rights is awarded annually to a young person who has shown extra-ordinary commitment to human rights and the dignity of all persons in the London Ontario community. The first Award was given in 2001.


2016 Yaphet Robinson Human Equality Award Recipient

My name is Samah Osman. I will be attending the University of Western Ontario to study Health Science. I am driven, hardworking, willing to learn and passionate. My work habits have consistently put me ahead. My goal is to become a doctor of medicine. I chose medicine because I have a passion for science and helping others. Through medicine I will be able to have my passions and impact people’s lives every day. I would like to thank the Congress for creating opportunities for students and providing scholarships which positively impact individual lives and allow post-secondary education to become more accessible.